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Where Credit Says No, We Say Yes!
More Than
Just a House.
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Why rent when you can own!
Live in it, build credit, own it!
Did you know, at New Life Housing you build credit while you live in your home?  By following our program, you may qualify to stay in your home, while you build your credit, so that you can own it!

We are not looking for perfect people. We are here for future home buyers who need a 2nd chance. If you work hard, are determined, and want more for your life, then you are the buyer we are looking for.
"NLH made our dreams of homeownership a reality, They Fight For You!" 
12 Years Of Experience
We help people to stop paying rent, own their own home, to pay our bills "on time, every time" and correct credit issues. Our ultimate goal is to help each member to become financially healthy. You will be one of the few people that can say,

"I'm financially secure and prepared for my future."
​Stop Paying Rent, Own Your Own Home
  • Home Ownership Despite Credit Issues
  • CUSTOM RENOVATIONS for your home!!
  • Consultations With Your Personal Financial Adviser
  • Financing and Credit Repair Through Our Sister Company
  • ​Investment Opportunities for homeowners and investors.