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Where Credit Says No, We Say Yes!


4​ Steps TO HOmeownership

Tools, Skills, and experience to change your life!

Custom Homes
and Financing 



Credit Repair with Credit Renovations


Call, email or text a request for an interview. Your interview will determine if you qualify for the program. How do you qualify?

Do you have an income?
Are you presently paying rent?
Are you in a position where you want to buy, work hard, and are ready to take the steps to eventually become credit worthy? 

Remember our appliation and approval is NOT based on your credit.

Once you have been approved you now are a member of New Life Housing!  

Your membership includes:
  • Personal New Life Housing Representative assigned to your file. 
  • Monthly Check-ups to help you as a member navigate through the purchase process.
  • Workshops that educate you on not only buying your home, but keeping your home. 
  • Endless resources to quickly navigate through the purchasing process.

Next step you will register for Credit Repair with our sister company "Credit Renovations".

This portion of the program is included in your membership.  It is implemented so that while you are in the program or in the home that you can obtain a credit score that will allow you to eventually buy your home. 

Your desire for A-1 credit is obtainable with the tools, education, and experience that you receive as a member of New Life Housing. 

​​STEP 4

Financing and purchase ability is apart of your package as a member of NLH.
There are 3 housing programs offered to our members.  You and your Representative determine what program filts your needs.

Here the member can make the desired customization to their property based on the allotted budget.

Paint colors, flooring, counter tops, and more. Working with local like-minded certified contractors the Housing Department at NLH will deliver the members the home of their dreams.
Live in it, Build it, Own it!
Did you know at New Life Housing you build credit while you live in your home? Not only that but we have trained, dependable, staff that are motivated to see you reach the finish line to become a home owner. 
That's right be encouraged because you have someone on your team!
Live in it, build it, own it.    

We are not looking for perfect people.
We are here for future home buyers who need a second chance. If you work hard, are determined and want more for your life then you are the buyer we are looking for.
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